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Wigner RCP, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Department of High Energy Physics

Hadron Physics Research Group
(Hadronfizika kutatócsoport)

Distinguished "Wigner Research Group" 2019

We study the strong interaction with experimental investigation and analysis of high energy collisions between hadrons (mostly protons and nuclei).

Colleagues: Bencédi, Gyula, Hegyi, Sándor; Varga-Kőfaragó, Mónika; Pálla, Gabriella; Siklér, Ferenc; Vértesi, Róbert;
Contributors: Fodor, Zoltán; Futó, Endre; Jancsó, Gábor; Kecskeméti, József; Seres, Zoltán
Students: Gyulai, László; Frajna, Eszter; Misák, Anett; Rádl, Attila; Sudár, Ákos; Surányi, Olivér; Szigeti, Balázs Endre; Varga, Zoltán


Subgroups and colleagues (Alcsoportok és munkatársak)


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Vértesi, Róbert PhD
senior researcher (tudományos főmunkatárs)
group leader, Wigner RCP Hadron physics (csoportvezető, Wigner FK Hadronfizika)
deputy group leader, ALICE-Budapest (csoportvezető-helyettes, ALICE-Budapest)
Varga-Kőfaragó, Mónika PhD
research fellow (tudományos munkatárs)
Postdoctoral Fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Aditya Nath Mishra, PhD
research fellow (tudományos munkatárs)
Futó, Endre CSc
contributor (külső)
Bencédi, Gyula
PhD student (doktorandusz)
Szigeti, Balázs
student (hallgató) at Eötvös U
Varga, Zoltán
PhD student (doktorandusz) at ELTE
Sudár, Ákos
student (hallgató) at BME
Frajna, Eszter
MSc student (hallgató) at BME
Gyulai, László
MSc student (hallgató) at BME
Misák, Anett
BSc student (hallgató) at BME

CERN-CMS Hadron Physics

Webpages: Html Wigner twiki Twiki


Siklér, Ferenc DSc
scientific advisor (tudományos tanácsadó)
group leader (csoportvezető)
Surányi, Olivér
PhD student (doktorandusz) at Eötvös U
Rádl, Attila
PhD student (doktorandusz) at Eötvös U

CERN-NA61 (Shine)

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Fodor, Zoltán CSc
contributor (külső)


Webpage: Html


Pálla, Gabriella DSc
prof emerita


Webpage: Html


Kecskeméti, József CSc
contributor (külső)
Seres, Zoltán CSc
contributor (külső)

Phenomenology, other experiments


Hegyi, Sándor
research fellow (tudományos munkatárs)
Jancsó, Gábor DSc
contributor (külső)
Részecskefizikai Diákműhely [Mesterkurzus]


independent, ALICE OTKA FK 131878 Investigation of collective phenomena and multiple-parton interactions in small systems created at LHC energies using light- and heavy-flavor NEW Html
CMS OTKA K 128786 Consortional assoc.: Novel tests of the strong interaction with the CERN CMS experiment Html
ALICE OTKA K 106119 Attometer physics phenomena: experimental and theoretical studies at the CERN LHC ALICE detector Html
CMS OTKA NK 81447 Hungary in the CMS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider Closed Html
CMS SNSF SCOPES 128079 First years of data taking with the CMS experiment at the LHC Closed Html
CMS, independent OTKA K 81614 New analysis methods and tests of quantum chromodynamics at the LHC Closed Html
CMS OTKA K 109703 Consortional main: Hungary in the CMS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider Closed Html
CMS SNSF SCOPES 152601 Preparation for and exploitation of the CMS data taking at the next LHC run Closed Html
Independent EC FP7 C 262025 Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators (AIDA) Closed Html

Recent publications

ALICE CMS hadron NA61 NA49 FOPI Independent

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