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Plugin Authors: TWiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie http://www.c-dot.co.uk
Copyright © ILOG 2005 http://www.ilog.fr
License GPL (Gnu General Public License)
Plugin Version: 16174 (22 Jan 2008)
Plugin Version: 03 Aug 2008 17302 (04 Aug 2008)
Change History:  
03 Aug 2008 TWiki 4.2.1 release version
25 May 2008 TWikibug:Item5457: TWikibug:Item5528: TWikibug:Item5626: using a debug simulation, I believe I have finally fixed all the complexities of using international character sets with the translator.
13 Apr 2008 TWikibug:Item4946: TWikibug:Item5530: I think I have finally fixed non-iso-8859-1 character sets. Painful. TWikibug:Item5393: removed spurious DIV generated by IE inside LI tags
31 Mar 2008 TWikibug:Item5314: TWikibug:Item5457: Fixed pickaxe mode for editing UTF-8. Characters above 255 are converted to entitites, which is a bit of a PITA, but at least it no longer corrupts topics.
28 Mar 2008 TWikibug:Item5294: fixed angle brackets in plain text and promoted sticky to be higher priority than any other tag, solving several problems in one go
24 Jan 2008 TWikibug:Item5257: remove extra spaces at end of Set lines
20 Dec 2007 TWikibug:Item5022: made TT font size same as verbatim. Had to add a new style to do it, as TMCE didn't want to play with TT or CODE tags. TWikibug:Item5138: post-conversion of 8-bit entities to characters to aid searching etc.
19 Dec 2007 TWikibug:Item4836: make the parser tolerant of META, so pasting OO docs works TWikibug:Item4969: autoclose BR and HR tags TWikibug:Item5132: fixed IMG tags TWikibug:Item5076: fixed line-sensitive TML embedded in tables
8 Nov 2007 TWikibug:Item4923: fixed blocking of table conversion due to empty attributes TWikibug:Item4936: An em embedded in an em was getting eaten TWikibug:Item4817: added typewriter text button TWikibug:Item4850: added font colour controls TWikibug:Item4645: added REST handlers for upload and fetching lists of attachments
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