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WMSX examples

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 # ... the above stuff comes here, but put ' ; \' instead of new line, and continue in next line ... (for tcsh).
If your home is on AFS, it is also advised to move also your working directory under /tmp/$USER, together with all the necessary files and directories, described in the following sections. To prevent that the regular cleanup cron job deletes some of your files from /tmp/$USER when they are too old, run the command
find  /tmp/$USER  -print  -exec touch {} \;
after unpacking the below tarballs into /tmp/$USER.

Simple job submission with traditional JDL files

Job submission with glite-wms-job-submit is not very straightforward, as the generated job identifier has to be stored, and then the job output retrieval directory has to be resolved by this identifier. To save you from this typing exercise, the WMSX is capable of managing the output retrieval directory for simple jobs.

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