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Split Cluster Study


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 git remote add hunyadix git@github.com:hunyadix/cmssw.git git fetch hunyadix git checkout -t hunyadix/ModForPixelMerger
git clone git@github.com:hunyadix/PhaseISplitClusterAnalyzer.git DPGAnalysis/PhaseISplitClusterAnalyzer scram b -j 20

Generating a CMSSW config file

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  Running the HistogramMerger is as simple as checking out the git repository and specifying the target files and the output name in src/main.cxx.


  • The pixel markers are seemingly present for all the cluster pixels when the pileup is 0 (1). The function checkDetIdToMarkerPtrMap() is currently run for each of the events and it prints out how many of the clusters have a corresponding marker.
  • In the analyzer testPairFinding() tests the private areClustersPair() for pair finding efficiency. Seems like the pair finding works just fine if the cluster objects have properly set x, y and size fields.


TTbar events, no pileup, 95% dcol efficiency statistics files:

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