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META TOPICPARENT name="PilotBladeReconstruction"
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 Link to the git repository


Log entry on 2016-12-12

            id = cms.uint32(344131844),
            dx = cms.double(0.21),
            dy = cms.double(-0.17)

Log entry on 2016-12-05

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  Once uTCA FECs are ready for running (next week?) we will want to repeat the timing scan. We could possibly do it sooner with VME.

Log entry on 2016-11-14


Log entry on 2016-10-27

TCanvas *c2_2 = new TCanvas("c2_2", "2_2",0,0,1355,523);

Log entry on 2016-10-10

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tvami/cmssw80X-PilotBlade/PilotBladeStudy/DPGAnalysis/PilotBladeStudy/other/Makefile
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tvami/cmssw80X-PilotBlade/PilotBladeStudy/DPGAnalysis/PilotBladeStudy/other/Makefile.arch
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tvami/cmssw80X-PilotBlade/PilotBladeStudy/DPGAnalysis/PilotBladeStudy/other/PilotHistoMaker.C
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tvami/cmssw80X-PilotBlade/PilotBladeStudy/DPGAnalysis/PilotBladeStudy/other/PilotHistoMaker.h

Log entry on 2016-10-09

Should ntuple-z this if it makes sense (geometry is probably not good at all)

Log entry on 2016-10-03

ToDo : copy the v2 to the 0RootFiles
Wait until 161004_204255:tvami_crab_PilotBlade_data_Ntuplizer_pp_Runs281602_CMSSW809_ZeroBias17_v1 is done and download it

Log entry on 2016-10-01

TCanvas *c4_2 = new TCanvas("c4_2", "4_2",252,47,468,180);

TCanvas *c2_2 = new TCanvas("c2_2", "2_2",252,47,468,180);

TCanvas *c3_2 = new TCanvas("c3_2", "3_2",252,47,468,180);

root All_PBClusterCharge.C
root All_PBClusterFEDErrType.C
root All_PBClusterFEDErrTypePerEvent.C
root All_PBClusterSize.C

mv All_PBClusterCharge.C Cs/.
mv All_PBClusterFEDErrType.C Cs/.
mv All_PBClusterFEDErrTypePerEvent.C Cs/.
mv All_PBClusterSize.C Cs/.

Log entry on 2016-09-13

# creating the local maps one can delete the stats using:

Log entry on 2016-09-12

miniDAQ: http://cmsonline.cern.ch/cms-elog/947901
MiniDAQ runs: BmI modules had WBC=166.
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