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Grid Services

Wigner RCP IPNP Grid related links:

GOCDB: The Grid Operations Centre DB (GOCDB) contains general information about participating LCG sites, their various computing resources (nodes), any periods of scheduled maintenance, and their site admins and other contacts.

EGI Operations Portal: A management and operations tool, an entry point for all EGI actors for their operational needs to manage the available informations about EGI VOs and related VOs.

EGEE CE ROC: EGEE Regional Operations Center (ROC) for Central European (CE) Federation is one of the several centers which comprise the European Grid Support, Operation and Management activity of EGEE. This activity's role is to create, operate, support and manage a production quality European grid infrastructure which will provide computing, storage, instrumentation and informational resources at many resource centres (RCs) across Europe.

Hungarian Grid Competence Centre (MGKK): From 2010, with the end of the EGEE projects and the beginning of the EGI-Inspire project the different NGIs (National Grid Initiatives) took over the role of the CE ROC. The NGI_HU is represented by the MGKK.

Monitoring links:

The following monitoring sites give information about the Wigner RCP IPNP Grid and its collaboration in the EGI-Inspire.