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Grid Services

Welcome to our BUDAPEST Tier-2 site!

Our grid site is a part of the EGEE project and managed by the Institute For Particle And Nuclear Physics (IPNP), Computing Network Center Department (SZHK) since 2003. Now in the cluster there are approximately 500 processors, and 350 terabyte storage space. Our cluster is a homogeneous Sun Grid Engine (SGE) cluster with 2GB RAM per core. If you are a member of an LHC dedicated virtual organisation you can use our computing resoruces as well as other sites' resources that support your VO.

The Wigner RCP IPNP Grid services are installed as part of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). WLCG is CERN's own grid project. It is a global collaboration of more than 140 computing centres in 34 countries. The mission of the WLCG project is to build and maintain a data storage and analysis infrastructure for the entire high energy physics community that will use the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

The WLCG is being developed by Enabling Grids for E-sciencE. EGEE is Europe's leading grid computing project, providing a computing support infrastructure for over 10,000 researchers world-wide, from fields as diverse as high energy physics, earth and life sciences.

The resources currently coordinated by EGEE will be managed through the European Grid Initiative (EGI) as of 2010. In EGI each country's grid infrastructure is run by National Grid Initiatives. The current coordinator of the Hungarian NGI is the NIIF in cooperation with the Hungarian Grid Competence Centre (MGKK).

Visit the GridCafé website to get more information about the development of the grid. The ambition of GridCafé to provide a broad and balanced introduction to grid technology.

The Wigner RCP IPNP Grid services support not only the ALICE and CMS LHC experiments but also other VOs such as VIRGO. Wigner RCP IPNP is also the main platform for the first official Hungarian VO of EGEE, the Hungrid VO.

CPU % 23 67 8 2
Storage xrootd (60 TB) DPM (240 TB) DPM (1 TB) DPM (40 TB)
Website LHC Alice experiment LHC CMS experiment Hungrid Hungarian VO INFN Virgo experiment
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